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african_luxury_tour On an Opulent Africa luxury safari you'll be seeing plenty of game near the waterholes.
luxury_in_africa See the adult game with their young cubs on safari in Africa.
east_african_kenya_tanzaniaAsk to visit a local tribal village as part of your safari holiday itinerary.

The best luxury safari vacation in Africa is a carefully crafted one...

Experience a luxury African Safari

As a luxury safari tour operator Opulent Africa are specialists in providing the highest quality African safari holidays. An Opulent Africa safari vacation is carefully crafted together with you to completely satisfy your desires whilst providing an exclusive and authentic African safari experience.

Your Opulent Africa safari starts with a combination of your initial ideas and our knowledge to design your perfect safari vacation. Right from the planning stages, throughout your luxury safari until your return home, Opulent Africa makes sure everything runs like clock work. Unlike many tour operators an Opulent Africa safari has a completely independent approach as we are not associated with particular safari lodges or safari camps. This freedom means that for your luxury safari we can suggest any safari properties and game reserves based on your ideas and preferences rather than any necessity to fill beds. Opulent Africa carefully listen to your dreams and offer you completely impartial advice allowing you to make an informed decision on the most suitable luxury safari holiday for you. Whether you are looking for the ultimate safari adventure, a memorable family safari, or the perfect safari honeymoon, we believe that our extensive knowledge of the African continent qualifies us to deliver your perfect African safari whether you have been to Africa many times or if this is your first safari trip. Each Opulent Africa safari is custom designed and therefore unique and as special to us as it is to you.

African Holidays conjure up many vivid images, safari jeeps, lions, zebra and elephants, tribal villages, hot days and dust, and whilst most of this is true the different countries in Africa offer a different topographical slant to each safari vacation that we organise. Game densities vary country to country and park to park, so it is important to speak to a specialist when planning your safari vacation. Luxury safari holidays need to be designed in order to take into account each aspect that you would like to include due to Africa’s rich variety of countries.

Once you have decided on which country or countries in which to base your safari vacation, you’ll then need to select the style of accommodation. Whilst on safari there are of course lodges and camps to choose from and although all may look appealing online it is important to select the right location near to the game in the month that you will be travelling. Additionally you’ll want to be off the beaten track so that you benefit from a more private safari experience rather than fighting for view with many safari minibuses. With all this to consider it is best to talk to a tour operator such as ourselves before deciding firmly on anything.

Whilst in a city, such as Cape Town, there are a variety of top class hotels, boutique guesthouses and luxury self catering apartments located in different areas and depending on your preference you are sure to find the right option.

Add together the tailoring of ideas as outlined above, with Opulent Africa’s superb rates from lodges and camps, and our Tour Operator Failure Cover and it is easy to see why it is important to speak with us when planning your luxury safari holiday.

Let us share our passion and indulge your wildest dreams...

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