Masai Mara – Fat Crocs and Lions.

The last  few weeks that have passed by in the Masai Mara have seen little rain and have been rather hot and dusty. The now stubbly grass is drying out fast as the large numbers of Wildebeest and Zebra have taken the goodness and now moved on.

Just under a month ago there were well over 500,000 wildebeest strewn over the Bila Shaka Musiara and Northern Masai conservation areas. With the Mara river in steady flow, this has been a superb time to visit the Mara. The river has seen a vast amount of traffic lately, with elephant joining in at some points as the throngs of wildebeest fight for space in the chaotic river crossings.  With thousands of Wildebeest crossing at one time, this has been a true safari spectacle.  With the fast moving crocodile having a field day at some narrower points of the river which have created a bottle neck for desperate wildebeest trying to climb out on the far banks.

On the plains that stretch out beyond the chaos there are the Topi which are in good number this year. Many Topi have now given birth to their young and the youngsters are now wobbling on their legs as they take the first few steps of life. In small little pockets you might also see Cokes Hartebeest with their young taking shelter from the sun alongside them.   The Warthog have too birthed their young as many piglets can been seen trotting along with their tails in the air.   All of these young vulnerable offspring don’t go unnoticed unfortunately as the resident lion are taking note and reacting with vigour at every opportunity.