The Blue Train out of Cape Town

The Blue Train’s maiden trip was in 1946 and it soon became known as being the epitome of luxury rail travel. The Blue Train is comparable to some of the world’s finest five star hotels as it offers luxurious accommodation with private en-suite bathroom facilities with views from the window that are second to none and everchanging.   

Perhaps the ultimate touch of luxury is the unintrusive personal butler service in addition to that the Blue Train also prides itself on the fine cuisine on board and a broad selection of South African wines. As the train chugs through some of South Africa’s most spectacular scenery you could be forgiven for forgetting that you are on board a train. This yesteryear engineering has had a touch of refining by way of a sophisticated suspension system to ensure a smooth trip and additional safety. The Blue Train mainly runs between Glorious Cape Town and Pretoria in both directions, with also the occasional alternative routes of Durban, Pilanesberg and Kruger etc.

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