Our intrepid traveller; a client’s account from Africa – Part 1

We are very grateful to one of our clients who has written a very detailed and enjoyable journal of her experiences whilst on safari for seven weeks travelling through Malawi, Northern Tanzania, Southern Tanzania, Western Tanzania and Mozambique.  Read Diane’s first week on safari as she departs from America for Africa and heads to Malawi.

Am still fascinated after all these years that as the earth is doodlin (my word for whirling, tilting and circling) around the sun, we have snow in one hemisphere and summer in the other (snow in NYC and Zurich and, of course, about 70 degrees and summer in Nairobi).

Was afraid that security at airports would be horrendous since the Xmas day Northwest flight where the person tried to blow up the plane. It was no more onerous than usual. Of course, I am leaving the US, not trying to enter. I did have my camera backpack swiped with the white cotton pad twice though. Haven’t had that in quite a while. One of them was especially diligent as she swiped all the compartments, took out the cameras and lenses and examined them intently.

Flew on frequent flier miles first class to Nairobi–20 actual hours in the air. The fennel dusted sea bass for dinner from NYC-Zurich was melt-in-your-mouth great! Best I may have ever had and it was on an airplane! The seat folds out 180 degrees and the stewardesses make up the bed for you with pad underneath, a duvet, two pillows and a pair of slippers. Besides the handout package with comb, shoe horn, eye mask, earplugs, toothbrush and toothpaste, hand cream, lip balm, folding hairbrush, and socks, they also give you PAJAMAS in first class–at least Swiss does. They are heavy black cotton and I figure they can be worn as an outfit. They are that nice. No one actually changed into them and I only saw one other person get them. I take anything, I guess.

Will be in Africa for 7 weeks – Malawi, Tanzania and Mozambique. Kenya is just really a transit stop to catch my breath.

Delivered to House of Waine (gotta love that, don’t you!) and have the Malaika Suite, which means Angel Suite. And what rooms! I have the suite of the House and it is half of my house. I have 3 couches, 3 chairs, desk and chair, bedroom, bathroom the size of my bath and closet, and another room with safe and clothes closets with soft bathrobes and leather wrapped hangers. Guess I won’t hang my hand laundered clothes on those! Am on the second floor with a veranda that is about 40’ x 15 or 20’. It overlooks the heated swimming pool which I plan to use tomorrow. At least I will be here a day to enjoy really enjoy this. Don’t want to know what this is costing me. Luckily I will be here tomorrow, too, so I can enjoy it. And wireless is FREE!!! I will be taking photos shortly before I trash the place with my clothes, towels, etc.

Check out www.houseofwaine.com for an overview. And you can see part of my bedroom/living room if you click on Rooms, then Other Rooms, and then Malaika. My bedroom/living room actually has more furniture than shown in the photo. I have two brown leather couches and a brown soft fabric one. This is part of the old Karen Blixen estate apparently. She wrote Out of Africa with a pseudonym of Isak Dinesen, in case you don’t remember the name.

Four bottles of water and all the snacks and items in fridge are complimentary as well as three homemade cookies, which were awaiting me.

When I arrived there were tiny frogs making lots of noise. I think I will be hearing those all night. I love it. The house sits on 2 acres with lots of vegetation. And it is enclosed by an electrified 8 foot fence and two Masai guards at the gate.

The next morning I was sitting in the reception area downstairs and in walked Colin Firth. He and his wife and two kids had been staying here and were leaving. He starred in the Bridget Jones’ Diary movies and is currently starring in A Single Man. He’s actually the first celebrity I have seen in all my travels. I did see Joseph Lieberman at the Denver airport once as I was coming home from KC, but I don’t think that counts.

My safari guide when I was in Kenya about 3 years ago came to visit me with his wife and child. He has had it quite tuff since the uprising here about 2 years ago and tourism has fallen off quite dramatically. It was nice to see them again.

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