The Canvas Clan

Maggie and George McCleevey have just got back from a walking safari in the South Luangwa National Park.  They had a fabulous time and as George so succinctly put it the holiday ‘stretched his legs’.  After retiring the couple decided to throw their cares to the wind pack their holdalls and set off in search of adventure and the African gentle breeze to blow away years of hard work in Dumfries.  Looking ten years younger they returned and told us with childlike excitement on their tongues about what a fantastic time they had.

“The best thing about sleeping in a canvas tent was the noise at night, the snufflings nearby and twigs breaking under hoof to punctuate the night air.  On a couple of evenings we even heard lion calls before we eventually fell to sleep in the early hours before being awoken the next morning by a troup of monkeys helping themselves to the muffins and coffee kindly let outside our tent.   

When we left camp the first morning on foot we both felt that sense of ‘excitement and vunerability’ that you mentioned and we relish the memories of our first encounter that day that was a pride of lion snoozing in the shade their bellies clearly full after a large lunch that we later found being picked over by vultures.   The trip was invigorating yet comfortable and we have so many photos that will look fabulous in our studio.”

Maggie and George

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