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Careful planning for your family safari.

A Quality Family Safari in Africa.

A family safari in Africa is a fabulous way to engage a young child’s mind, teach older children about nature and that the world is their oyster, and to spend quality time with teenagers before they fly the nest.

A client’s first questions are what areas are Malaria free? Will a safari be suitable for my family? When is the best time to take a family safari given that we are restricted to school holidays? All of these questions can be easily answered with a quick telephone conversation with one of our directors who have young children themselves and who have been on safaris many times.

There are of course Malaria free reserves that combine excellently with Cape Town and the Garden Route, or for older teenagers it may be more to your preference to take an anti-malarial and head for Kenya perhaps. The decision of course is yours and we are here to help guide you.

One of the best things about talking to us about your family safari is that we will be able to let you know of the lodges and camps that are geared up for families both with children that need nannies and older children that need robust activities. Because we are not affiliated with any lodges or camps we are able to freely suggest any and all to find your ideal place. Family safaris are well set up especially in recent years where this market has grown considerably. Lodges and camps are now well set up to cater for families. With family lodge rooms and tented family suites, family orientated guides, nannies, chefs and especially developed children’s activities such as ‘jungle drives’ at Jaci’s Safari lodge, your family will be well looked after and are likely to have one of the most incredible holidays ever.

As we usually suggest spending two or three nights in each location you can easily combine all of the family interests into your safari. If one of your children is keen to quad bike whilst another likes riding this can feature in your selection of safari accommodation. If mum prefers mountain biking to dad’s penchant for fly fishing these activities can all be combined to make the perfect family safari.

It’s often hard to imagine your family on safari in Africa and visions of being in a jeep all day out on the plains is often not the ideal for many families. When we talk though concerns like this with parents they are often pleasantly surprised that there are such diverse activities to entertain the whole family. Having been on safari before many times we are aware that it is likely children will get bored if they are in a vehicle for much longer than an hour or so so we like to encourage you to incorporate such alternatives as Fishing, Horse riding, mountain biking, bush picnics, swimming, walking safaris, camel riding, elephant back safaris, village visits, and of course if you visit Cape Town, Table Mountain, Robben Island, The aquariums and museums and Boulders bay to visit the penguin colonies.

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