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waterbuck_namibia_safari_holiday Antelope gather around the waterholes in the Etosha National Park, Namibia.
meerkats_of_namibia_safari_holidayMeerkats thrive in the dry dusty environment.

Safaris through Damaraland

Damaraland is a huge, ruggedly beautiful region stretching 200kim inland from Namibia’s desolate Skeleton Coast and is famed for its dramatic and unusual geography, prehistoric features and unique desert adapted wildlife.

The San tribe together with the Damara people, for whom this region is named, are believed to be the original Namibians and the San people in particular have provided an amazing historical legacy in the thousands of examples of prehistoric art and engravings in the caves and ravines which are the most extensive in Africa.

This is a land of prehistoric water courses, grasslands and open plains; massive granite kopjes and sharp inselbergs rising sharply up out of the horizon like stone fingers pointing into the sky and deep gorges slashed across the landscape. In the west of the region the endless sandy wastes amazing manage to support small populations of animals that over time have developed and adapted to survive in the harsh, almost waterless desert – black rhino, desert-adapted elephant, ostrich, desert dwelling giraffe and nimble springbok.

The spectacular scenery of Damaraland’s mountainous terrain attracts many energetic climbers and explorers and also enjoys ancient and mystical significance. Namibia’s highest mountain The Brandberg – translated as the “fire mountain” – so named due its glowing red colour created by the setting sun on its western face, is also home to a famous piece of rock art known as the Lady Bushman Painting.

At the rocky out crop of Twyfelfontin the caves and ravines contain further prolific evidence of ancient Herero and San engravings while Spitzkoppe is revered by the ancient San people as a place of great mystery. The trees of the Petrified Forest were uprooted some 200 million years ago then subjected to being moved by floodwaters, covered in sediment and then uncovered by erosion leaving them exposed as they are for visitors to marvel at today.

There is a small spring at Twyfelfontein which brings welcome relief and sustenance in this harsh landscape for wildlife such as desert-adapted elephant, black rhino, lion, gemsbok, desert dwelling giraffe, springbok and mountain zebra. During the exciting nature walks to experience the ancient the San engravings visitors can also see the prehistoric Welwitschia, the oldest tree in existence.

A luxury safari in this desert environment is definitely one of activity, both physical and photographic. Although the land does not support the numbers and dense populations of game that you would find on safari in other African countries the game drives in the unfenced wilderness will enable you to see the wildlife whilst negotiating the rugged terrain with your experienced and knowledgeable guide. The combination of scenic and breathtaking landscape, fossils and ancient rock engravings together with activities on foot or by mountain bike make this a very unique safari experience.

Damaraland has some excellent luxury safari tented camps and a stay here fits well into an itinerary that could include Etosha National Park and the eerie Skeleton Coast. A fly-in safari itinerary works perfectly as an option to cover these huge areas whilst delivering an enjoyable, scenic journey at the same time.

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