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kafue_national_park_safari_zambia Buffalo in the Kafue National Park in Zambia.
kafue_safari_zambia_luxury Be poled along the rivers for a spot of river game viewing.

Riddled with large slow moving rivers, home to many hippos...

Remote Safaris in the Kafue National Park

Kafue National Park is the oldest park in Zambia and one of the largest parks in the whole World. The real beauty of a luxury safari vacation here in this wilderness is its remoteness and true authentic African spirit and atmosphere.

The park has many rivers which create a lush diversity of habitats and seasonally delivers life into the dry areas. To the north of the park lies the remote and vast Busanga Plains which, in addition to the seasonal flooding, enjoys a permanent wetland fed by the many rivers and streams. When on safari in Zambia visitors to this area can participate in the wildlife viewing of squabbling flocks containing many thousands of water birds and game drives amongst the numerous herds of plains game – many species of graceful antelope, buffalo, zebra and wildebeest. With such a rich volume of plains animals the predators exist in thriving populations - of leopard, cheetah and lion together with increasing numbers of wild dog.

During the wet season the flow The Lufupa River, which enters Kafue National Park in the Busanga Swamp in the north, naturally increases in volume and the resulting surge floods the Busanga Plains. At this time the Busanga Plains are a vast watery landscape that stretches as far as the eye can see. The floodwaters reach their height during the months March to May after which they recede once more revealing a lush and verdant land of vegetation that is crucial to the survival of all life here. As the dry season progresses the disappearing flood waters shrink into shallow pools leaving large herds of hippo stranded. With the floodplains drying up in winter the rising mist turns the sun a stunning shade of pink and creates the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

The park’s flat grassland plains are dotted with knobbly termite mounds and with fertile tree islands of fig trees, sausage trees and date palms that sustain the grazing herds of red lechwe, puku, buffalo and zebra. There are teak forests and vast areas of Miombo woodland that explode into seasonal shallow, grassy wetlands that are known as dambos.

The Kafue River, a wide slow expanse of a river that runs at the very heart of the park is fringed by banks of tall, shady hardwood trees and the waters contain large numbers of crocodiles and water monitor lizards as well as the ungainly hippo.

Visitors to Kafue National Park are advised to use light aircraft to access the park as although travel is possible by sturdy 4x4 vehicles, most of the roads are ungraded and to make the most of a short stay arrival by air is more feasible. In addition to the exceptional game viewing and fishing, visitors can also experience really intimate safari accommodation in the form of small, tented camps. For example, Shumba Camp in the middle of the prolific Busanga Plains has just six tented rooms built on raised platforms and Busanga Bush Camp has only four tents. The level of customer service, with privacy and comfort in well appointed accommodation and excellent cuisine compliments the wonderful game viewing opportunities with professional, experienced guides and trackers.

A safari vacation in Zambia’s Kafue National Park will undoubtedly be a real jewel in your itinerary.

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