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botswana Lioness and her cub in the Linyanti region of Botswana.
south_africa_holidayPlentiful game in the reserve.
linyanti_reserve_safari_in_botswana A lioness claims he kill of a young buffalo.

Magical lagoons, savannah and Leadwood forests waiting to be visited...

The Linyanti safari for the elephant lover.

The Linyanti Reserve is a magical place where the game flourishes. Game viewing in the dry winter months is superb as large elephant herds congregate around waterholes.

The Linyanti is a private reserve which means off track driving and night drives are permissible. The reserve, in comparison to other locations for a Botswana safari is relatively inaccessible, it has just a handful of exclusive camps that can only be reached by light aircraft. This may seem like a negative, but in actual fact this also means that safaris here are an incredibly personal experience which you are unlikely to share with many.

The Linyanti region is vast and remote and is one of the least visited corners of Botswana although it has been the stage for many safari documentaries due to it’s huge concentrations of migratory herds of both zebra and elephant which are also closely followed by the predatory big cats.

The Linyanti wildlife reserve extends over 125,000 hectares of pristine wildlife area. To the north it’s bordered by the Linyanti river with the Chobe National park to the east. The Linyanti River which further downstream becomes the Chobe River forms a natural border between Botswana and Namibia. The Linyanti River emerges on the central plateau of Angola where it is known as the Kwando River, it meanders along peacefully until it hits a fault line causing it to change direction by 90 degrees and its name then changes to the Linyanti River as it heads onwards towards the Zambezi River where just before these rivers meet it changes to the Chobe River before both waters join and flow over Victoria Falls.

On the southern banks of the Linyanti River which is the Botswana side of the border, is the private and game rich Linyanti Wildlife Reserve. The Linyanti reserve is home to diverse habitats from thick marshland that then subsides into beautiful lagoons and steadily flowing rivers lined along the banks with riverine forests of jackalberry and sausage trees which lead us out into open grasslands, and dry inland wooded areas.

In this region of Botswana rain falls during the warm months from November to March when temperatures are high thus creating a good deal of humidity. From May to October when the area is dry however, and the water scarce the animals start to collect in large numbers along the river. This is the time when the game is at its most prolific and is often the most sought after time to visit.

The Linyanti’s wonderfully diverse habitats are perfect for a broad range of animals. With the open grasslands strewn with antelope, the waterholes and lagoons enjoyed by hippo, crocodiles and bird life, the woodlands of towering mopane trees and leadwood forests where you’ll find herds of elephant in the winter months. With giraffe stretching their long necks into the acacia trees along the floodplains the Linyanti is a favourite location for remote safaris and a fantastic stage on which to watch nature play out her story.

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