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botswana Enjoy the Zambezi river with the elephants of the Lower Zambezi national park.
south_africa_holidayA male lion with cubs in the Lower Zambezi national park.

Small luxury safari camps along the Zambezi river, remote and private.

Luxury Safaris in the Lower Zambezi National Park

The Lower Zambezi National Park in Zambia is still a relatively infrequently visited park.

The Lower Zambezi National Park has a fabulous diverse selection of ecosystems; riverbanks, floodplains and woodland areas, along the northern banks of the Zambezi River.

The Zambezi although an immense and impressive river passes peacefully along this stretch of its path offering sustenance to large herds of elephant, sometimes numbering up to 100 or so, buffalo, waterbuck, hippo, antelope and crocodiles all of which can be found along the riverbanks and amid the baobab and acacia trees. In amongst the trees and bush can be found impressive prides of lion, leopards and cheetah, whilst actually out on the river itself the skies come to life with numerous birdlife from fish eagle to bee -eaters, trumpeter hornbills and rollers. Birdlife, like game viewing in the Lower Zambezi, does not disappoint.

A safari in Zambia offers a sense of adventure, with exclusive, luxury camps, private professional guides, expert hosting and a myriad of safari activities including game drives, river cruises, canoeing, walking safaris and tiger fishing, a safari in the Lower Zambezi really is something special, a little piece of Zambia that offers a totally unforgettable safari experience.

In the Lower Zambezi we work directly with small family run camps and lodges whose attention to detail and high standards reflect our own. These safari camps are located in wonderful spots, with all the comforts you would expect on a luxury safari in Zambia, fantastic game, highly expert guiding and incredibly comfortable and relaxing accommodation.

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