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botswana Enjoy the Meru National Park for your Kenyan safari.
south_africa_holidayOn safari in Kenya viewing Rhino.

Rivers, forests and landscapes of this secret jewel of Kenya...

Safari in The Meru National Park

Kenya’s Meru National Park is one of the lesser known safari locations. The park provides a stunningly wide variety of landscapes and habitats from forest areas and swampland to stretching savannah which is criss-crossed by fifteen perennial rivers fringed by acacia and tamarind trees.

Meru National Park is located to the east of Mount Kenya and exudes the peaceful air of a lonely wilderness. The park is of course most famous for George and Joy Adamson who released several hand-reared animals here, including the famous lioness Elsa who was later immortalized by the book born free.

Game viewing in the Meru is at its best during the dry season, when the long grasses are at their shortest and herds of elephants have migrated back to the park. While Meru may not offer the same variety of game as other Kenyan parks the calm and untouched landscape of the park compensates for this. The animals in the Meru are less used to the presence of vehicles and their timid and elusive nature adds to the traditional remote safari ambience.

Lion, leopard and cheetah are all present in the Meru National Park in good number, as are elephant and buffalo. There are large pods of hippo and many crocodile submerged in the Rivers or lazing on the banks and Grevy’s and Burchell’s zebra, reticulated giraffe and gerenuk so see when out on game drives.

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