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botswana Mozambique, small forgotten islands where locals trade untouched by tourism.

Total relaxation, scattered palm fringed islands, dhows and the historic trading ports of Africa...

Mozambique's luxurious beach lodges

Mozambique beckons with its wide sandy palm fringed beaches, vibrant coral reefs and alluring golden sunsets.

Mozambique is a perfect place to absorb the African sun after a wonderful safari either by laying on a powder white beach or when enjoying a myriad of water sports in the calm warm turquoise waters. Mozambique is an excellent location for scuba diving, snorkelling, dhow trips and even a spot of deep sea fishing.

Mozambique was once a coastal trading port for gold, ivory and the slave trade, mainly between the Middle East, India and Africa. After the civil war the Portuguese colonised the country but now Mozambique is a tranquil idyllic destination for a culturally enthused week enjoying the beach. With ancient ruins of churches and forgotten forts, fabulous marine live and rich culture pervading to this day, Mozambique is more than just a week with sand between your toes.

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