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south_africa_holidayExplore the soaring sand dunes and marvel at the wonderful hues of red orange and yellow.
south_africa_holiday Himba tribes of Namibia.
south_africa_holidayRock art of the local San people.
south_africa_holidayA sea of sand dunes enticing adventure.

Inspiring landscapes, dunes, shipwrecks and desert adapted wildlife...

Luxury Safaris in Namibia

The topography in Namibia varies from ragged unforgiving coastline that eventually gives way to plateaus and mountain ranges. Essentially Namibia is a desert nation made up of four distinct geographical areas which possess individual attributes. To the north of the country there is the Etosha National Park, Damaraland, Kaokoland, and the Waterberg Plateau. In the south there are the famous sand dunes that cut harsh orange ridges into the vivid blue sky at Sossusvlei, the Namib Desert, the rocky Fish River Canyon as well as Luderitz. More centrally located is Windhoek (the main airport) and Bushmanland. This diversity attracts and fascinates those who have a pure interest in nature and its wrath on a landscape.

From a population point of view, Namibia doesn’t have a dense number of citizens. Those that do live there are from varied cultural and tribal origins. With regards to modern day architecture and industrialisation the influence comes from Germanic origin. Choosing Namibia for your luxury safari will offer you vast and arid landscapes, a stark contrast to other safari destinations such as Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana or Zambia.

Choosing the right locations and game parks in which to base your safari will provide an unforgettable combination of big game, stunning scenery, luxury and privacy; Africa at its best. With remote luxury camps and lodges dotted in a vast rugged landscape, call Opulent Africa to enjoy a perfect safari in Namibia.

The best way to explore Namibia is by light aircraft. Covering vast tracts of land whilst having the perfect aerial view of this unforgiving landscape is the most recommended mode of transport for a Namibian Safari.

The Namib-Naukluft National Park has some fascinating scenery with soaring dunes, vast gravel expanses, majestic mountain ranges and deep sculpted canyons. The park spans nearly 50,000km², it is one of the largest conservation areas on the continent.

Proud looming out of the barren desert are the spectacular Naukluft Mountains. Which are an attractive prospect for any hiker. With high plateaus and rocky mountain faces to traverse one can easily see the challenge and attraction. Towards the centre of the park just close to Sesriem, the Tsauchab River bends gently into the core of the desert. During the rivers journey smooth tunnels have been cut into the sandstone to form the stunning Sesriem Canyon. As the canyon emerges into the desert, it is flanked by the towering apricot dunes a stunning sight not to be forgotten. Towards the end of the river there is a small bar of sand that provides a walkway across to Sossusvlei: a photogenic clay pan punctuated with verdant acacia trees and surrounded by smooth curving dunes of a variety of colours.

A low flight along the western border of Namibia’s Skeleton coast, famous for shipwrecks and seal colonies, offers amazing views of the Atlantic coastline to which many ships have fallen foul. Whilst exploring the Skeleton Coasts beautiful scenery you might enjoy a trip over the expansive dune belts to the rugged coast or travel a little way inland to visit a Himba settlement with your professional guide. You may also see lichen fields, and the desert-adapted elephant or the cape fur seal colonies and ancient stone circles.

Then not forgetting the expansive Etosha National Park with its huge saltpans that shimmer with heat during the day. During the arid dry season thousands of animals congregate around the waterholes that surround the pan. Etosha’s landscape is very open with spectacular views over the pan that is a draw to good numbers of game throughout the day. The game here is plentiful and there are good numbers of lion, leopard, cheetah, black and white rhino, elephant, giraffe, zebra (Burchell's and Hartmann's mountain) and many other antelope and with over 300 species of bird Etosha is a game viewing paradise.

Namibia is also visited for its desert adapted wildlife which can be found in the vast tracts of land in Damaraland's semi-desert wilderness area. In this region you’ll likely see the desert-adapted elephants and black rhino, and local villages that benefit from the small influx of tourism to this region. Towards the southern reaches there are granite domes which rise out of the gravel tracts of land like custodians. A short walk through the domes will take you to the caves inscribed with Bushman rock art.

Namiba oozes scenery for the avid photographer to revel in and is of clear interest to anyone with an interest in animals that adapt to their surroundings and nature at its harshest.

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