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south_africa_holidayExplore the soaring sand dunes and marvel at the wonderful hues of red orange and yellow.
south_africa_holiday Himba tribes of Namibia.
south_africa_holidayRock art of the local San people.
south_africa_holidayA sea of sand dunes enticing adventure.

Opulent Africa Ltd are a UK based Namibian Safari Operator.

Namibia; a stunning safari location.

Namibia as a safari location offers breathtaking landscapes, unique desert adapted wildlife with a sense of remoteness and privacy.

The diverse topography of the land creates some stunning photographic opportunities that have become iconic images of Namibia and for those that are looking for an active safari holiday full of exciting 4x4 rides, very special wildlife and an experience of nature at its most extremes then Namibia is the place for you.

Namibia is essentially a vast arid country that covers two immense deserts – the Namib in the west of the country which hugs the wild Atlantic Ocean coastline and the vast Kalahari that extends across Namibia’s eastern border. The country has very special and individual geographical areas each with superb natural features and wildlife – in the north of the country lie Etosha National Park , Damaraland and Kaokoland together with the Waterberg Plateau Park. In the south the dry Namib desert is home to the Namib-Naukluft Park, Sesriem Canyon and the awe inspiring sand dunes of Sossusvlei that run the spectrum of colours from apricot to flaming crimson courtesy of the sun at the time of day. Running along the northern stretch of coastline is the infamous Skelton Coast National Park.

Compared to the size of the country, Namibia has a relatively small population which is a rich cultural mix including Herero, San tribes (often known as Bushmen) and the Damara people who together are believed to be the indigenous people of Namibia, as well as descendents of the early Germanic settlers. The capital of Windhoek is the international gateway whilst the pretty towns of Swakopmund and Ludertiz add a cultural element of recent European settlement to your trip.

In addition to the unique desert-adapted elephants and endangered black rhino, Damaraland's semi-desert wilderness has grassy plains and prehistoric water courses punctuated by rocky kopjes and caves and ravines revered as a place of great mystery by the ancient indigenous peoples. The caves of Twyfelfontin contain an amazing legacy of ancient rock art and engravings numbering in their thousands which are thought to be the most extensive in Africa. During a visit to the Petrified Forest you will see fossils over 200 million years old.

Etosha National Park is Namibia’s prime wildlife destination and covers an area of 22,000 kilometres of grassy plains, thorn savannah and dry forest with an immense salt pan at the centre. The shallow depression that once was a lake in ancient times became dried out due when environmental changes culminated in the total change of course of the Kuene River. Now the white expanse shimmers in the heat and when, in rare times of very good rains, just enough water is retained to produce a wealth of blue-green algae the food of choice of flamingos that then flock here in there vivid pink thousands.

During the dry season the game is centred around the waterholes which include good numbers of elephant, giraffe, zebra (both Burchell’s and Hatrmann’s), lion, leopard, cheetah, both black and white rhino and many species of antelope including the rare black faced impala. Etosha National Park is also home to over 300 species of birds.

The high plateaus and rock formations of the Naukluft Mountains rise out of the arid desert of the Namib-Naukluft National Park and the desert landscape has dramatic canyons cut deeply into the sandstone by the dry river bed of the Tsauchab River. The Sesriem canyon which is a staggering 30m deep leads into one of the most famous photographed sights in the World – the towering dunes of orange and red sand known as the Sossusvlei Dunes. This is a photographers dream and the light and contrasts of the sand peaks against the vivid blue desert sky is just amazing to see.

Due to the size of Namibia the best form of transport by far is to travel by light aircraft which as enabling a seamless itinerary around the country, provides the bonus of fantastic aerial views of the landscape and in fact is the old method of transport into the remote and hostile wilderness of the Skeleton Coast National Park.

The coastline has the dubious title due to the bleached whale and seal bones that used to litter the shoreline during the times of an active whaling industry. It is also relevant as reference to the smashed remains of many thousands of ships and vessels that fell foul of the offshore rocks when they were cloaked in the infamous fogs that are created when the cold Atlantic Ocean mists collide with the heat of the desert. The national park is 16,000 square kilometres of arid and inhospitable terrain with a diverse range of special features - Agate Mountain salt pans, clay castles of the Hoarisib River bed and the seal colony at Cape Fria.

Namibia is a safari destination in complete contrast to that enjoyed in other parts of Africa however, the wildlife experience is still available and interesting by virtue of the unique adaptability of it in this harsh environment. There are several luxury camps and lodges, some of which enjoy particular privileges bestowed by their location, such as Sossusvlei Dune Lodge which is the only lodge in the Namib-Naukluft National Park and guests can therefore reach the dunes in the very early morning and can also enjoy night drives in the park. A thoughtful itinerary can ensure a superb combination of areas and naturally wild safari experience.

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