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south_africa_holidayRelax in the shade in the Seychelles, white sandy beaches and clear azure waters.
south_africa_holidayRefreshments by the pool.

Luxury beach hideaways in the Seychelles.

The Seychelles is the named given to an exotic collection of islands in the azure Indian Ocean known for its wonderful beaches, unique wildlife and warm and friendly people. It is an ideal destination for a complete chilled out experience after an action packed safari in Southern or East Africa.

The archipelago is made up of a total of 115 islands including 42 granite islands which are some of the oldest mid-oceanic granite islands on earth, with Mahé being the largest and the location of the capital, Victoria. Two islands are coral sand cays – Denis Island and Bird Island and two coral islands, Coëtivy and Platte.

Each island has its own individuality; the Inner Islands of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue contain the main centres of tourism facilities and enjoy the most stunning beaches. While your international flight will arrive on the island of Mahé access to the other islands are by boat transfer, light aircraft or even helicopter.

The Seychelles were first inhabited by Arab traders before they were visited by Europeans at the beginning of the sixteenth century and they were a transit point for trade between Africa and Asia. The islands also enjoyed attention from pirates until they came under the administration of the French and then the British under whom they became a Crown colony. Following independence in 1976 the Seychelles were designated as a republic within the Commonwealth.

The Seychelles are a rich cultural mix of people of all races and religions which have combined to create the Creole nation – a warm and welcoming people that are eager to help you enjoy their wonderful islands. The senses can almost be overwhelmed by the colourful sights and aromas – frangipani, coconut oil and the delicious smell of freshly cooked snapper oozing from the windows of small eateries and market stalls.

The exotic islands are home to some of the rarest flora and fauna on earth and have very strong conservation and protection policies in place to ensure the archipelago and its treasures are safe for future generations. The Seychelles are famous for having the oldest giant tortoises on earth which are located on the island of Aldabra the World’s largest coral atoll although permission has to be granted to visit the site; and the Coco-de-Mer, the largest seed in the world, which is grown in the Vallee de Mai, a World Heritage Site. For those passionate ornithologists the months of April, which is the breeding season through to the migrations of October are possibly the most interesting times to visit. The many hiking and walking trails are best enjoyed during the period May to September.

Visitors may also enjoy the colourful festivals such as Festival Kreol which is a week long celebration of Creole traditions and heritage that takes place each year during October.

With temperatures that rarely fall below 24°C the Seychelles enjoys warm weather all year round and the calm waters around the islands offer excellent snorkelling and scuba diving opportunities. If you have the time island hopping is a popular way to see the archipelago it all its diversity.

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