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south_africa_holidayEnjoy game drives through the sand dunes at sunset and a sundowner before heading back to camp.
south_africa_holidayTravel by quad bike through the dunes for a more upclose and entralling ride.

Swirls of orange, red and yellow soar towards the sky...

The stunning Sossusvlei Dunes

The vast soaring dunes of Sossusvlei are the highest in the world. Each casts dark shadows from the morning sun that cut sharply across the immaculately smooth sides of sand.

From your safari camp you’ll explore the immense multi-coloured dunes and enjoy late afternoon game drives before heading out at dusk on exciting night drives across the desert using a spotlight for sightings of Cape fox, aardwolf, jackals and hyenas. After each marvellous day your hosts will provide you with a wonderful dinner and a nightcap under the broad star- filled sky.

A popular and alternative way of seeing the dunes is to book a ride in a hot air balloon. A bird's eye view provides for some exceptional views of the dunes with vibrant shades of red orange and apricot an amazing smooth sea of warm colours with a desolate feel.

The dunes of Namibia attract safari travellers from all over the globe, be they adventureous sand surfers, keen photographers or simply those looking to wonder at one of nature's true spectacles of beacuty. The dunes have a hypnotic appeal that draw many.

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