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south_africa_holidayFloat and snorkel in the warm soothing waters of the Indian ocean.
south_africa_holidayWatch the traditional fishing dhows return after a days work out at sea.

Spice island markets and flourishing corals, Tanzania offers more than a beach...

Tanzanian Coast Beaches

If you have complete seclusion in mind after your African safari, and wish to be far from the madding crowd you should consider the beaches to the south of the Dar es Salaam, where the sea has invigorating waves and the sand is a fine powder of soft drifts.

Alternatively if you wish a slightly more active beach element to your safari holiday then Zanzibar is a perfect choice. Zanzibar has a wonderful personality through which pervades it’s spice trading history, local zanzibari culture, coconut palms and soft sandy beaches lapped by a warm gentle ocean.

Zanzibar beaches are often thought of as being some of the best in the world.  The heady culture of the stone town carries down to the beach with views through the palm trees out to the billowing hand-sewn sails of traditional wooden fishing dhows on a twinkling ocean.

Zanzibar’s Stone Town is buzzing with culture and history from a melting pot of a curious mix of East African, Arab, Indian, Persian and European conquerors, traders and seafarers. The Stone town is the heart of Zanzibar, alive with all the secrets of this charismatic Indian Ocean island.

A day or two in Stone Town offers a hint of the essence of Zanzibar, the sights, sounds and smells of the market awaken the senses, with the enticing aromas of restaurants in the air, and the harbour and mosques around which to stroll.

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