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botswana Zambia the elephant lovers heaven. Large herds congregate on the riverbanks and cool off with mud baths.
south_africa_holidayFor those that love to get close to nature and walk through the bush Zambia is the perfect safari destination.
south_africa_holidayA male lion with cubs in Zambia's Lower Zambezi National Park.
south_africa_holidayGame viewing by canoe on the Zambezi river.

For a remote and traditional safari, Zambia offers a very personal African experience...

Luxury Safaris in Zambia

Zambia; the land of the traditional and remote African walking safari, earth’s biggest waterfall; Victoria Falls, the wide Zambezi River, South and North Luangwa valleys and the more remote Kafue with breath-taking rivers, natural hot springs and wetlands.

A safari in Zambia offers a huge diversity of birds and flourishing numbers of big game. Zambia is traditionally the home of the walking safari. What better way to experience Africa than to walk through the Zambian bush on foot with your professional tracker and guide. The prolific game in Zambia understandably is especially exhilarating when encountered on foot. Emerging from the bushes to find a baby elephant with its mother or young lion on the horizon is a life defining moment you are on their territory and although you are with a highly experienced guide you are still on their ground. Once you’ve approached a hundred strong herd of buffalo on foot, game-viewing from a vehicle may never give quite the same thrill.

In addition to the big five Zambia will show you wild dog, spotted hyena, giraffe and puku as well as large flocks of brightly coloured birds that swoop in and out of the trees. At night there are drives to search for leopard, the spotlight seeking the reflection of its eyes in the undergrowth. Bushbabies leap from tree to tree and honeybadgers and porcupines can be seen foraging in the undergrowth.

Zambia has everything from the largest elephant in Africa to the bright vibrant red carmine beeeaters that grace the river banks with their fluttering colonies. With big cats, giraffe, many species of antelope, hippos wallowing along the rivers and crocodiles resting on the banks Zambia offers a rich safari experience.

A safari in Zambia is an adventure, with exclusive, rustic and luxury camps and lodges to choose from, professional guiding at every camp we suggest, expert hosting and a myriad of safari activities including game drives, river cruises, canoeing, walking safaris and tiger fishing, safari here is really is something special, a totally unforgettable experience.

Start your first morning on safari by being woken by the monkeys shaking the branches above your tented suite. Emerge, stretch and let your eyes fall on the early morning mist laced floodplain before you and enjoy a steaming coffee left for you before you head up to breakfast. Seeing Africa awaken and come to life for another day from your tent decking is one of the most humbling experiences, bringing you back to nature in a very real way. From the tree-climbing lions of the Busanga Plains to the impressive elephant herds of the Lower Zambezi, Zambia is untamed, unexplored and untouched.

Zambia has three distinct seasons which are typically the reverse of the Northern Hemisphere. Zambia is cool and dry from May to August building up to hot and dry from September to November, sometimes hitting the over 100 degrees Fahrenheit as the rains approach, once the rains break the country cools slightly to a warm climate from December to April.

Due to the rainy season some parts of the Zambian parks are impassable during the wet season so it is important to discuss your ideas and time of travel well in advance.

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