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An Africa Safari for adventure seekers

For the traveller that is not against relaxing on a beach but sometimes wants a vacation with a little more exhilaration involved for their holidays Africa may be just the answer. With planning and preparation your precious two weeks away from work can incorporate both relaxation and adventure. As a destination for a luxury safari holiday Africa can achieve both these facets within the same trip.

When planning your holidays to Africa, focussing on your interests will put the first stakes in the ground around which to weave your ideal safari vacation. Identification of the right times of year to go on safari or to do any specific activity is a must - for example the annual Great Migration in the Serengeti.

These plains animals tend to be a luxury safari highlight and bear their calves in the Southern Serengeti during the early months of the year and then in March, when the grasses are disappearing, they move northward with their offspring following new grazing. Between June and September they are in northern Tanzania and sweeping across the Mara River into Kenya at which point the thunderous herds can be watched from any number of well established view points. Once again, when the grazing is depleted they turn to face south and begin their historic journey back to the southern Serengeti to begin the cycle over and over. The key for the game viewer is to be in the right place at the right time.

Gorilla trekking is the safari vacation dream of many. Fortunately the fame of mountain gorillas has been successful in securing their own future with the investment of tourism funding protection of both gorillas and their habitats, education of the local and visiting humans. Gorillas cannot be trekked without a permit and this very strictly monitored and the number of permits restricted. Rwanda and Uganda have excellent lodge accommodation (luxury and eco friendly) and verdant National Parks that offer many other activities such as birdlife, golden monkeys and primate walks alongside the gorilla trekking. Fitness and stamina are key as the trekking activities, at altitude, can last anywhere from a few hours to half a day – dependent on how lucky you are to find your gorillas.

An Africa Safari often features Victoria Falls – locally known as Mosi-oa-tunya – “the smoke that thunders” and it is an adventure seekers heaven. Situated on Zambia’s border with Zimbabwe there are luxury safari lodges for relaxation and many energetic activities available on the Zambezi River such as white water rafting, bungi jumping and microlight aircraft flights above the Falls. Walking activities with both elephants and with lions are available on both sides of the border.

For adventure holidays Africa is perfect for many, scuba diving enthusiasts are enthralled as there are excellent natural wonders awaiting them in the oceans around the exotic island of Zanzibar and along the Bazaruto Penninsula of Mozambique.

A South Africa safari holiday has an excellent mix of vibrant cities in Cape Town and Johannesburg, history, stunning scenery, superb game viewing in many game reserves, the world famous Winelands with its first class hotels and restaurants as well as the opportunity to go on whale watching trips and even to go overboard in a shark proof cage!

Africa is definitely a destination for those with adventure in mind!

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