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Chief's Camp in Botswana

Enjoy the lush Moremi reserve in beautiful Botswana.

Relax over a glass of wine.

Fine linens, stretching views of the wilderness, total safari relaxation.

Game Viewing from Chief's camp

There are several local lion prides .

Buffalo herds near camp.

Buffalo herds and zebra in good numbers.

Chief's island in the Moremi...

Chief's Camp in Botswana

Chief’s Camp in a luxury safari camp which lies in the Mombo Concession in the world-renowned Moremi Game Reserve in Beautiful Botswana. Just perfect for an unforgettable safari in Africa.

Chief’s Camp is located on one of the many islands that emerge due to the seasonal flood waters running down from Angola each June. Chief’s Island, was named after Chief Moremi, the hereditary king of the area. Chief Moremi used the land as his private royal hunting ground and it was his subjects, the Tawana, who made the area into a reserve where all wildlife is protected. The vast numbers of animals that congregate here all year round make it easy to understand why the area was put aside for the chief use.

The guest pavilions at Chief’s Camp are surround an ebony grove where a comfortable living area with an extensive wooden deck overlooking the plains has been built. Everything has been designed with the environment in mind; all rubbish is taken outside the park for responsible disposal and the whole safari camp can be removed without anyone knowing it was ever there. The dining area surrounds a fire pit on the very edge of the Piajio plains so that guests can continue their game viewing even when they are enjoying the finest cuisine and wines for which Chief’s Camp is justly famous.

The twelve luxury bush pavilions are magnificently situated, hidden away in the jackalberry and sausage tree woodland that is characteristic of the area. All have their own private decks and romantic outdoor showers that allow guests to feel at one with the surrounding forest - there is also a fully equipped bathroom inside. All pavilions have generous mosquito nets and big traditional ceiling fans to keep the bedrooms cool when required.

Located on the north-western tip of Chief’s Island, the game viewing opportunities are awe-inspiring. Elephant, wild dog, cheetah and leopard can be spotted close to camp and like the rest of the Okavango Delta, the area is a paradise for ornithologists. There are several local lion prides as well as genet cats and hyena in abundance and Chief’s Camp is a worthy tribute to the great meeting of chiefs that proclaimed this area a game reserve in 1963, preserving the area for future generations.

In addition to superb game viewing by vehicle between July and October Chief’s camp offers Mokoro trips. Mokoros are authentic dugout canoes, which are perfect for getting closer to the bush in the presence of your guide. Each June the camp is surrounded by flood waters which creep up and turn the Okavango into an elaborate labyrinth of lily filled lagoons and sparkling streams, which makes water activities such as this not only possible but a very attractive activity in combination with game drives.

The gentle passage of a mokoro is used by the river bushmen or BaYei people as a main form of transport and whilst on your safari it will provide an excellent insight into the Okavango way of life.

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