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Damaraland Camp, Namibia

Expansive views of arid Namibia

Damaraland Camp by night

Damaraland camp in Namibia, open spaces and endless views

Damaraland camp

Plunge pool at camp

Damaraland Camp

Fantastic feasts each evening after returning from a fascinating day of game viewing

from the white lady of Brandberg mountain to the petrified forest...

Damaraland Camp in Namibia

Damaraland camp is a perfect selection for part of your safari in Namibia. Damaraland camp is a luxury safari camp that lies on the north face of the Haub River valley 90 kilometres from Torra Bay, the camp is situated in the mountainous region of north-west Namibia.

Damaraland is wonderful walking country and you can explore the sites of thet bushman rock engravings and explore the petrified forests in the company of Damaraland Camp’s expert guides who will also take you further afield by vehicle.

Damaraland Camp has just 10 wonderful walk in safari suites, each with comfortable beds, furniture and with en-suites overlooking a beautiful valley. These adobe-style thatched units that are raised above the ground and each has a large walk-in dressing area and a fabulous deck on which to sit and contemplate the wonders of the desert. The spacious guest living areas are all under thatch and combine the dining area, bar and fireplace. Evening meals are often prepared Alfresco over the open fire and then enjoyed in a little corner of the camp lit by a circle of lanterns. There is a swimming pool next to the bar for freshing dips during the day. For cozy safari evening there is an open campfire and outdoor 'boma' where you can enjoy a few nightcaps and recall your encounters of the day and trade stories with other guests in camp. Calm evenings stargazing is superb thanks to the crystal-clear night skies.

There is not large wildlife populations here so activities include nature drives, walks and mountain biking during which guests can see species such as desert-adapted elephant, gemsbok, greater kudu springbok, and occasionally cheetah and black rhino as well interesting flora like euphorbias and shepherd's trees. The area also has some of Africa's best rock engravings including the famous Twyfelfontein etchings.

Early morning fog generated by the icy Atlantic Ocean and the warm desert air of the Skeleton Coast drift inland, providing precious water to the flora and fauna, all of which has adapted superbly to this harsh environment. The 350 000-hectare Torra Conservancy supports a healthy number of desert-adapted elephants and there are good populations of Hartman's mountain zebra, southern giraffe, gemsbok, springbok, cheetah, spotted and brown hyena.

During your days on luxury safari at Damaraland Camp you can head out to explore Haub River valley which is one of the most scenic wilderness areas in Namibia. You’ll enjoy a variety of activities such as guided nature drives through the valley, exciting walks and mountain biking through the beautiful scenic valley. During your morning and afternoon drives you can seek out the intriguing desert-adapted elephant which are a great favourite for those that visit this part of Namibia. In addition to the adapted elephant you’ll likely see Gemsbok, greater kudu, springbok, and occasionally lion, cheetah, and black rhino can be spotted. Damaraland is also of interest to those that appreciate the flora species such as euphorbias and shepherd's trees can be viewed on the way to some of Africa's best known rock engravings, including the famous Twyfelfontein etchings.

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