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Joy's Camp

In the remote and rocky Shaba National Park sits the elegant Joy's camp

Space and tranquility

Joy's camp dining on open sided decking under vast canopies

Kenya's remote scenery surrounds you Relax and unwind on your private terrace and watch Africa's animals in the bush around you


Joy's camp superb service

The refreshing camp pool, for a cooling dip under the African sun

The undiscovered in Shaba National Park...

Joy's Camp in the Shaba National Park

Joy’s camp sits in an elegant oasis in the arid landscape of the Shaba National Reserve.

Joy’s Camp is the perfect choice for the discerning safari goer interested in a glimpse of untouched Kenya. The Shaba National Reserve is lesser visited than Kenya’s other parks yet the game viewing is often just as good as the animals are attracted to the flowing waters of the River Ewaso Nyiro (meaning brown water – pronounced U-aa-so-Nyee-ro) that runs through the reserve. Shaba has a mixure of greener areas dense with acacia, riverine forest, thorn trees and grass vegetation. The Ewaso Nyiro flows from the Kenyan highlands, and ends at the famous Lorian Swamp. Shaba is one of Kenya’s best kept secrets it’s natural tranquillity born out of its distance from development, industry and the fact that it has only just become accessible in recent years.

The camp is built on the site of Joy Adamson’s home, author of Born Free which was later made into a film of the same title. Joy's Camp overlooks a large natural spring which attracts numerous elephant, buffalo, Beisa Oryx, reticulated giraffe and Grezy’s zebra all of which compete for sustaining water.

The Shaba National Reserve is 314kms from Nairobi, and is a dry semi desert environment surrounded by rocky hilly terrain inter-dispersed with springs that support both the local tribes and abundant wildlife alike. Shaba National Reserve has fabulous game, rich with klipspringer and hyrax who love the hilly terrain. Shaba is known for the Grevy zebra, the Somali ostrich, generuk and the reticulated giraffe, many gazelles and the lesser kudu. Of course the park also has plenty of leopard, lion and large herds of elephant and bird colonies for the avid amateur ornithologist.

Joy’s camp is a chic tented camp with ten luxurious canvas bedrooms that are set raised off the ground with breathtaking views of the surrounding hills. Each sumptuous tent is uniquely decorated with Boran/Somali cloth design, handmade glass and the vibrant fabrics of the local nomadic tribes creating a sophisticated and stylish place to relax between game drives. Each tent has it’s own private veranda, ideal for private game viewing as well as relaxing, reading and soaking up the truly wild environs offered by Shaba reserve.

In addition to heading out with your guide into the rocky outcrops in search of game there are also other activities such as sumptuous bush breakfasts, relaxing sundowners and cultural visits to enjoy, whilst back at camp there is a refreshing pool in which to cool off and a boutique shop to buy a few momentos of your stay.

The cuisine at Joy’s Camp has a distinctive Italian influence with the standard of a fine restaurant in your favourite city, dining in these breathtaking surroundings is unforgettable.

Joy’s camp location is a secluded idyll; an arid landscape dotted with lush springs and rocky river gorges with a diverse variety of undisturbed wildlife around ever corner. The reserve is home to the monument in tribute to the late Joy Adamson who died in the reserve in 1980. Shaba was also the setting for the film "Sheena Queen of the jungle" and, more recently, "To walk with lions" which reflects the life and conservation efforts of George Adamson in the reserve.

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