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Luangwa Safari House

The Luangwa Safari house on the South Luangwa river is perfect for a group of friends or a family on safari.

Luangwa Safari House

The spacious interior of the Luangwa Safari House. Wonderful design touches throughout with your comfort in mind.

Game near South Luangwa Safari House

Enjoy watching the game close by over your morning coffee and muffins.

Dine outside surrounded by bush sounds

Your chef will surprise and tempt you with fantastic dishes each evening.

Follow Zambia's South Luangwa River...

Luangwa Safari House in Zambia

Luangwa Safari House is perfect example of safari luxury it is a stunning, private house situated on Robin Pope’s Nkwali land, approximately 1 km from main camp.

The structure of the safari house is built out of ancient and weathered leadwood trees – powerful and natural. The entrance side of the house is grand, castlesque and is exquisitely faced with stones from the hills. The massive door opens into the huge main room and instantly you see incredible views through the front of the house – which is completely open.

Built on the edge of a beautiful seasonal lagoon and with a backdrop of the Chindeni Hills the game this location feels like heaven for your Zambia safari. You’ll see large herds of elephants and journeys of giraffe which regularly use this area to feed and water throughout the day.

Although outwardly the house has a traditional look, once inside you’ll find that each room has a totally individual and unique style. The sizeable living room is dominated by large comfy sofas and a huge marble dining table. The room stretches up two storeys, some twelve meters, to the thatched roof with wooden staircases rising out of the floor to take you to the upstairs bedrooms. Much of the fittings are hand-made metalwork, including a huge thirty lamp metal chandelier. The open front of the room leads out onto a quartz tiled terrace with large plunge pool to one side.

Each of the four bedrooms has a style of its own. Extra large beds, both king size or twin fit into each room under one mosquito net. There is a wooden ceiling fan inside each net. The beds have all been designed differently, from two poster beds to beds suspended by chains from the roof. The materials used in the bedrooms are hand painted and specifically designed, made locally at Tribal Textiles. Each bathroom has a different theme for the fittings, reflecting the colours of the rooms. From copper for the “Coral room” (including a hand-made copper bath) to recycled sandblasted aluminium in the “Blue Agate” bedroom.

The Luangwa Safari House is extraordinary – large and powerful, this castle like house gives you space, luxury with nature on your doorstep.

It is the perfect choice for a fully self-contained family safari accommodation and is staffed with a private guide and game-viewing vehicle. From Luangwa Safari House you can enjoy short walking safari, 4WD game drives and also night drives to see civet cats and leopards on the prowl. One of the best things of having a private guide and vehicle is that you are under your own schedule with no one else to consider. You can get up when you like, eat when and where you like and ultimately enjoy your own safari in private.

In addition to game drives and walking safaris the South Luangwa National Park is a paradise for bird lovers as there are diverse selections of species to spot which are often plentiful in number. There is also the opportunity to visit a nearby tribal village to really understand this area of Zambia.

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