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The Mahale Mountains

A wonderous place with lush mountain vegetation, home to the Chimpanzee.

The Mahale Mountains National Park

Home to our ancestors and a spellbinding selection of wildife which compliments a more traditional safari.

Candlelit evening meals on the shore

Enjoy sumptuous dining after a day viewing yellow baboons to vervet monkeys.

Watch the sunset over the lake

Relax, you're a million miles from home, let the gentle breezes billow around you.

Beach lodges and chimpanzee tracking in the mountains...

Greystoke Mahale

The Mahale Mountains National Park in Tanzania is often described as “quite simply one of the most beautiful parks anywhere in Africa”.

The lakeshore here is a beach of the finest powder-white sand, behind which rises a range of imposing mountains, clad in verdant tropical vegetation.

The Mahale Mountains National Park is not the the location to have a traditional safari experience, however nonetheless it is an unforgettable experience in it’s own right. With big electric-blue butterflies flitting from tree to tree in the lush mountainside vegetation and trickling sparkling streams running gently through the undergrowth this is a different area of eden to that the African elephant or the big cats of the plains. The Mahale mountains harbour Tanzania's densest population of primates: yellow baboon, red colobus, blue, red-tailed and vervet monkeys are never far away – and then, of course, there are the chimpanzees.

Greystoke Mahale is a wonderful little camp in the Mahale Mountains National Park. The camps bandas are stylish yet made from natural materials. The thatched bandas are raised slightly on decking overlooking an idyllic white beach. Inside each of the bandas are sumptuous beds and stylish wooden furniture and throughout there are thoughtful touches adding to the elegance. Just by the entrance are complimentary kikois for the beach, bowls to wash the sand from your feet, bath and beach towels and comfortable loungers to enjoy the view. Each double-storey wooden banda has deck area with a day-bed, a private bathroom with flush toilet and a hot shower.

Greystoke Mahale offers something a little different from the more traditional safari in Tanzania. From here you can track chimps with an expert guide. Your guide will be able to explain the Chimp behaviour that you witness and even tell a little about each chimp’s history and the name they have given it. This level of detail takes your experience of chimp watching in the wild far beyond simply observing, you’ll get to understand this wonderful and seemingly intelligent ancestors. The extent of social interplay in groups of chimps is mesmerizing and it is often thought of as one of the most heartfelt wildlife encounters. Living alongside the chimps are yellow baboons, red colobus, blue, red-tailed and vervet monkeys and an interesting variety of birds and insects such as the large and vibrantly coloured electric- blue butterflies.

After a morning trying to understand the minds of chimps, you can recharge with a exquisite lunch on the beach before heading out for a lazy kayak trip on Lake Tanganyika. If you prefer there are also the options of sailing on a beautiful old dhow, snorkelling, swimming, fishing and enjoying a sundowner whilst scrunching the soft white sand between your toes. Greystoke has a superb team of staff, superb food and an idyllic location with a fabulous powder white sand lake shore and the imposing mountain ranges behind camp, a few nights here is just the ticket before heading to one of Tanzania’s other national parks for some more traditional game viewing.

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