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Migration camp suite

Migration camp located in the rocky outcrops of the Serengeti National Park.

Breakfast on the decking at Migration camp

Stunning views from the decking at Migration camp.

Migration camp pool

Take a refreshing dip in the pool at Migration camp before dinner.

Stunning suites at Migration camp

Wood flooring, soft linens and thoughtful finishing touches makes Migration camp very memorable.

the thunder of millions of hooves...

Migration Camp in the depths of the Serengeti

Migration camp is hidden among the rocky outcrops of the vast Serengeti plains, deep within in the Northern Corridor of the Serengeti National Park, which is on the main wildebeest migration route as they traverse between the Serengeti in Tanzania and the Masai Mara in Kenya.

This game rich area of the Serengeti is a quiet backwater in comparison with the more visited areas to the south of the park and of course the very busy and famous neighbouring Masai Mara which borders the north of the Serengeti. In fact less than 1% of the total visitors to the Serengeti visit this remote Northern corridor location. At Migration camp you can really experience a luxury safari in the wild side of the Serengeti far from the crowds.

The Serengeti, is synonymous with full action game viewing often seen in documentaries. The rugged landscape here is untouched since the dawn of time with just the tracks of hooves worn in the dirt. When the Northern corridor is lush with grass and home to the migrating herds there are plenty of big cats sat low in the grass gently sidling up gradually towards the herd paw by paw until it’s presence is known and a scurry of hooves and cloud of dust swirls up and the chase begins. This is the true picture of the African plains sought by many and here in the Northern Serengeti a stay at Migration camp is a very good option.

The best time of year to stay at Migration camp for a safari in the Serengeti to witness the well known game action of the Migration is between July and November when the large herds pass almost nose to tail through the area, sometimes crossing the river right in front of camp. Game-viewing from the breakfast terrace at Migration camp can be an event in itself. In addition there is also good resident game year round at Serengeti Migration Camp so that a safari here is possible throughout the year, notably present are lion, leopard and elephant.

Migration camp’s style exudes an atmosphere reminiscent with old Africa. The safari camp is luxuriously furnished throughout providing a haven of sumptuous indulgence in contrast to the surroundings of the bush outside. The spacious tents have been carefully positioned overlooking the Grumeti river and each ten is located to provide privacy.

The safari tents are huge and cover 475 square feet. Each walk in tent at Migration Camp is beautifully furnished with elegant writing desks, leather sofas, and plush beds all of which stand on polished hardwood floors. Each safari tent has a small balcony with two cozy rocking chairs. Each safari tent has a luxury en suite bathroom with running water, dual washbasins, toilet, shower and even a hairdryer. The water in camp is heated by solar power yet there is also a back up system that is run when required.

The guest area of the camp includes a split level lounge, a cigar bar, a restaurant, sundecks and swimming pool that are perched among the outcrops and overlooking the vast and rugged landscapes that are home to the world’s greatest mammal migration.

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