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Mowani Mountain camp

Mowani Mountain camp dome roofs blend into the surround rocky outcrops and boulders.

Mowani Mountain camp suites

Open fronted suites offer panoramic views from your bedrooom.

Rugged craggy areas

Mowani Mountain camp is surrounded by rocky outcrops and rugged terrain.

Mowani Mountain camp

In an unspoilt rugged terrain the camp offers comforable accommodation in a hard environment.

in a private conservation area just outside the Masai Mara National Park ...

Mowani Mountain Camp in Namibia

Mowani Mountain camp sits between the Ugab and the Huab Rivers in southern Damaraland.

Damaraland is reliably regarded as one of the most stunningly beautiful landscapes in Namibia. The life giving prehistoric water courses run intricately through the wide open rolling plains with horizons blistered by granite koppies. With a back drop of impressive mountains a dramatic landscape is created and that is Damaraland.

If you spend a few days of your luxury safari in Namibia at Mowani Mountain Camp in Damaraland you are likely to see quite a few species that have adapted well to this harsh terrain. Game species include desert elephant, black rhino, ostrich and springbok. In addition Damaraland has the million year old petrified forests to unravel with 250 million year old fossils, the Herero people and ancient San engravings at Twyfelfontein that are well worth a visit.

Damaraland is a vast and unspoilt wilderness area, with magnificent desert scenery, unusual geological formations, a variety of archaeological sites and a diverse selection of desert fauna & flora. This is also an area to spot the rare black rhino and the desert adapted elephant.

Mowani Mountain camp sits amongst the rugged boulders and crags at a high elevation, which offers the most stunning of panoramic views over the pristine yet harsh surroundings. Mowani Mountain camp itself resembles an African village. Accommodation is in elegantly decorated tents with furnishings designed especially for your comfort with an East African style. The camp has a refreshing pool which is lodged between boulders, while the boma at Mowani has a very special draw in the evenings and sets a relaxed atmosphere for sundowners and campfire accounts of the day’s events.

Each of Mowani Mountain Camp’s 12 luxury tents, has en-suite facilities, crisp white linens, and of course a private wooden deck offering an open view of the wonderful Damara landscape. There is also a special suite built high upon a rocky outcrop for those wishing for even more seclusion! This luxury-thatched suite comes complete with butler service and is tastefully furnished with a distinct African style. The private lounge is equipped with a music centre and satellite television, complimented by private dining and bar facilities. At Mowani Mountain camp you can simply relax in the pool before enjoying a romantic dinner under the stars or really get in touch with nature and enjoy your open-air bush bathroom for an invigorating shower.

Safari activities available at Mowani include guided nature drives in search of the elusive yet hardy desert elephant, hiking through magnificent scenery, an excursion to explore the historical site of Twyfelfontein home of the rare Bushmen engravings and paintings. This wonderful archeological site offers more than 2,500 engravings as well as various paintings, and is probably the finest example of rock engravings in Southern Africa.

A few days of a luxury safari staying at Mowani Mountain Camp in Damaraland ties in very well with the Skeleton Coast fly in safari. Namibia’s stretching windswept beaches are littered with ghostly shipwrecks and its mountains with San Bushmen art, both of which are an interesting combination and a different angle to the usual repertoire of an African safari.

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