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Skeleton Coast camp

Luxury and comfort of the Skeleton Coast camp a stark contrast to the environment.

Skeleton Coast camp lounge views

Views outside of camp. Harsh environments waiting for exploration.

Skeleton Coast camp suites

Ensuite tented luxury in the Skeleton Coast national park.

Skeleton Coast camp

From camp you can enjoy visits to the Hoarusib river, the roaring dunes, and nearby Himba villages.

windswept, harsh coastline a mariners graveyard ...

Skeleton Coast Camp in Namibia

Namibia's Skeleton Coast a wild and windswept place is located in one of the planet's most beautiful yet most harsh coastlines.

Over the past few years access to the rugged Skeleton Coast area has become a little more restricted, and currently the only way to access the location is by visiting Skeleton coast camp on a fly in safari. After flying into Windhoek in Namibia you can enjoy a scenic flight along the coastline which offers some of the most stunning views on a safari in Namibia. Almost 660,000 acres of the National Park has been designated as an exclusive safari area. If you join a fly-in Skeleton Coast safari you’ll have the chance to truly blow out the cobwebs and enjoy a real sense of the strength of mother nature and what effect she has achieved with this desolate expanse of the planet. The experience it overwhelmingly humbling and with just six luxury safari tents at Skeleton coast camp your sense of a personal experience of these surroundings is superb. The memories of this vast, wild, desolate and hauntingly beguiling area will remain with you forever.

Because of the uniqueness and vastness of this area, most activities are done in 4x4 vehicles that are closed to the elements, although all vehicles have pop-top roofs and sliding windows to enjoy the fine weather. There is however plenty of opportunity to climb out and walk or simply just stretch the legs. Safari activities at the Skeleton coast include either full-day nature drives or walks with a sumptuous picnic lunch, returning to camp in the evening, or half-day nature drives or walks returning to camp for lunch and venturing out again in the afternoon. Due to the pristine nature of this delicate area many parts are accessible only on foot, as vehicle tracks can damage the environment. Many specially-adapted plant species such as Lithops and Welwitschia can be visited in this way.

Other excursions from Skeleton Coast camp comprise of visits to the clay castles of the Hoarusib River, Rocky Point, the soaring sand dunes, lichen fields, Cape fur seal colonies, Himba villages, and birding. The shipwrecks strewn across the sand are now fast being devoured by the salty and vigorous coastline, can be viewed on request. Secret water seeps attract wildlife, so guests can see desert-adapted elephant, gemsbok, springbok, giraffe, ostrich, brown hyena, Hartmann's mountain zebra and occasionally lion and cheetah visit for a life sustaining drink.

This arid Skeleton Coast environment is within the northern reaches of the Namib Desert. The cold sea breeze caused by the Benguela Current helps to moderate temperatures here and also brings much needed moisture to a parched desert from the coast. Most mornings, if you rise early enough you’ll see the cool ocean mist collide with the hotter desert air to produce a moist coastal fog that envelops the coastline. This fog creates a real sense of mystery and impenetrability as well as providing the precious moisture for the inhabitants of this harsh and unforgiving place.

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