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Wolwedan's Dune Lodge

Stunning desert views frame this airy and thoughtfully contructed lodge.

Wolwedan's Dune lodge

Surrounded by desolation, dust and neverending vistas of a harsh environment.

Wolwedan's experience

Spend a night under the stars.

fly over the infamous sand dunes of Namibia on your safari ...

Wolwedan's Dune Lodge in Namibia

Wolwedans Dune Lodge is nestled into the dunes and is set against a backdrop of extraordinary natural beauty.

The lodge itself is airy and relaxing with canvas and wood structure that opens up to the breathtaking views of the desert beyond. Located in the heart of NamibRand Nature Reserve, Wolwedans Dune Lodge provides the perfect base from which to explore vast stretches of awe-inspiring and undisturbed nature.

The Lodge is designed with the guest’s individual needs at heart. Although it offers the comfort and protection of a permanent structure it’s use of canvas blinds and the style to which it has been designed it reflects the ambience of a romantic tented camp. Each of the nine chalets has an en-suite bathroom and a verranda with an exquisite view of the rolling desert. The main guest area consists of two very comfortable guest areas, a fabulous open fire, a tea deck and a library. The lodge also has a pool for a refreshing afternoon dip.

The whole feel of Wolwedans has a very ‘Out of Africa’ slant and although the décor reflects this throughout the lodge it is interpreted in a modern way. From the thumbed through reference books in the library, the old brass telescope which belonged to the owner, the sundowner deck, to the open fireplace and well stocked wine cellar, Wolwedan’s has a truly homely feel and a sense that everything ‘belongs’ and has a story.

Wolwedans is not your usual hotel or a one night stop over destination, which can be ticked off en-route to the next tourist hot-spot. It is a place to arrive, to be, to learn and unwind, whilst being looked after by a friendly and involved local team. Wolwedans provides an honest, relaxed and down-to-earth atmosphere, free of ‘wannabe’ fanciness and pretence.

Set snugly within the dunes of the Namib Rand Nature Reserve which was once the hunting ground of the Spotted Hyena, Wolwedans took its name from the African for "where the wolves dance." The very history of the lodge’s location whips up intrigue and romance in many and set against a backdrop of unparalleled beauty, Wolwedans provides an excellent base from which to explore the horizons that stretch out before you. With such a diverse location and contrasting landscapes you can be sure to discover large and smaller desert creatures each forging their lives out in a harsh dry habitat.

On arrival at Wolwedans you will be enthralled with the opportunity to get close to the nature of the desert, which is a completely liberating experience. Wolwedans provides an intriguing window for you to experience the desert’s elusive grandeur and breathtaking beauty. The undulating natural architecture of the dunescapes, the endless rolling desert plains and horizons dominated by rocky mountains prompts one to appreciate the insignificance of humans in this desolate land. A stay at Wolwedans is a peaceful yet humbling experiencing. If you are an open-minded and nature-loving individual in search of a distinctive desert experience far off the beaten track, Wolwedans is for you.

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