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Luxury and authenticity on a safari in Botswana

A luxury safari evokes many different images for different – superbly comfortable accommodation; five star service and world class cuisine; private vehicles and safari guides; exclusive game viewing. Many locations in Africa are ideally equipped to deliver a luxury safari in the most remote and far flung hideaways and Botswana is no exception.

Most of the safari camps in Botswana are typically situated on very large private concessions and there are strict policies in place to ensure a minimalistic impact in the environment by limiting the number of visitors allowed at any one time.

Botswana is home to the largest inland delta in the world and its sheer diversity of habitats makes it a haven for over 70 different mammals and 450 species of birds. As the floodwaters arrive each year from the Angolan highlands the water fans out into the Kalahari sands creating over 15,000 square kilometres of wetlands known as the Okavango Delta.

The main activities on a safari in Botswana would be game drives in open 4x4 vehicles, both during the day and at night by means of spotlight, expertly guided walking safaris and canoe trips on the crystal clear channels of the Okavango Delta. Wildlife is prolific with large herds of elephant and buffalo found particularly in the north around the Chobe and Kwando Rivers. Lion, leopard and cheetah roam throughout the region and northern Botswana is one of the last strongholds for the endangered wild dog which are seen regularly on the Kwando concessions. Graceful giraffe browse the forests with zebra, antelope and gazelle usually seen gazing on the open plains.

Some of the finest luxury tented camps may be found in Botswana and places like Kings Pool, Little Kwara and Chief’s Camp provide the ultimate base from which to explore the exceptional wildlife which abounds. Large en-suite bathrooms with indoor and outdoor showers, king size beds with crisp linen, private plunge pools and viewing decks are key ingredients for luxury in the bush.

A skilled team of chefs prepare delightful cuisine from the freshest ingredients and are accompanied by fine wines either in elegant dining tents or around a roaring camp fire under the stars. On special occasions, candle-lit bush dinners will be arranged, providing unforgettable and romantic memories.

Botswana is an excellent year round game viewing location, with the different seasons transforming the Okavango Delta from dry brown towards the end of the dry season to lush green after the first rains. Careful selection of the most suitable camps to match the seasons is key and a cleverly designed itinerary will combine “land” and “water” camps to provide a wide range of activities, habitats and wildlife.

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