WHAT IF………..?

Except for the lucky few an African safari vacation could be a brand new destination, a once in a life time luxury safari experience or perhaps the first time venturing out of their comfort zone away from home ready for adventure as a change from their usual holiday destination environment. Every traveller has many pre-departure/booking questions but someone heading for a safari in Africa is usually completely unfamiliar to the terrain and will therefore require more reassurance than ever.

The main common concerns with a trip to Africa are usually across the board safety and health. Firstly, no luxury safari tour operator would ever knowingly send their clients into a dangerous situation. There is good advice available from government websites and local knowledge on the ground to ensure Africa safari destinations are in stable countries with well respected ground agents, guides and accommodation with good health and safety standards whether budget to luxury.

Health regulations change often however and the requirements for entry and protection within various countries are updated regularly to GPs, Travel Clinics. Travellers are strongly advised to check with their health professional and schedule in the appropriate vaccinations etc in good time before departure. Most safari destinations will warrant seeking advice regarding Anti-malarials, which, where required should never be ignored and during your African Safari use appropriate strength repellent and cover the limbs particularly at night. Medical evacuation procedures will be in place at safari camps and in conjunction with your own medical and travel insurance protection so that any emergency can be swiftly and expertly handled.

English speaking guides are one of the most important aspects of any successful safari. The guides at the safari camps and lodges selected by Opulent Africa will always have English speaking guides with superb wildlife skills and knowledge of the terrain and in possession of a good rapport with adults and children alike (particularly important for a family safari). Certain age limit regulations may apply at some lodges, locations or for particular activities (such as walking safaris and hot balloon flights) and therefore proper research is crucial to avoid any disappointments on vacation. Safe, well maintained 4 x 4 vehicles in radio (or even cell phone nowadays) contact and excellent, well prepared meals are also to be expected. At luxury safari camps and lodges a laundry service is often inclusive as are local drinks – thereby further allowing you to know your spending budget and what to pack well ahead of arrival.

When all the big concerns are satisfied other questions arise - for example passports, visas, baggage, transfers and these are all answerable by your tour operator as these aspects can vary considerably, particularly in the case of tailor-made luxury safari vacations.

Now you are all booked, paid up, vaccinated and nearly ready to go….BUT…what terminal do I depart from? what is my check-in time? what currency do I need to take? what do I wear? who will meet me? Opulent Africa will furnish you with a full itinerary and your own dedicated co-ordinator who will provide you with even the smallest details of your trip so that when you finally depart on your African safari adventure you are reassured, relaxed...and raring to go!