Photographic Safaris - Private Vehicles and Specialist Guides.

Whilst a luxury African safari vacation can tick many boxes for most travellers it is none more so than for the photographer – both professional and keen amateur Africa is the perfect location in which to indulge themselves with an array of photographic opportunities. The absolute beauty of a luxury safari vacation is that you can experience all that a safari has to offer and get some fabulous photographic memories to boot without being involved with a set photographic group at all.

That said, many of the small and intimate luxury safari camps would lend themselves perfectly to accommodating a photographic club and the management and staff would be only too happy to accommodate and facilitate group discussions and display of the day’s recorded events. Having exclusive use of the camp also gives, by definition, exclusive use of the safari vehicles and personal guides which would enable a tailor made game drive. No rushing from site to site or place to place – you could take as much time as you need to watch the wildlife and African panorama of wild habitat without the risk of any other vehicles in your shot.

Specialist Tour Operators know in detail which habitats, seasons and destinations in Africa would fit the bill and can advise and guide you towards being in the right place to suit your requirements whether you prefer scenic dunescapes in Namibia or the watery channels of the Okavango Delta along which to float quietly alongside Hippo in Botswana. Luxury accommodation and private vehicles with experienced and, above all, knowledgeable Guides that know the area in such detail will provide the best opportunities for the photographer to exercise their chosen passion.

Many keen photographers may be concerned when they discover that their personal luxury tented accommodation does not have a plug socket at which they can charge their camera batteries at the end of each day. However, they need not worry as all good quality, luxury safari camps will always offer the facilities to charge your camera batteries for you within their office and/or when the generator is in operation. The key is to be prepared by having spare batteries and memory storage cards.

When considering what photographic equipment to take with you is not only to select that which suits your own preferences and abilities but should include not only spare batteries and memory storage cards but perhaps even a “second” spare camera should anything befall your first choice! To have the ability to upload photographs to a laptop on site at the end of each day is an ideal scenario although the traveller should be aware of any limitations concerning baggage weight allowances etc. As the emphasis is definitely on the “casual look” perhaps avid photographers would choose lens over clothing.

There are some excellent safari companies that offer walking safaris with comfortable and surprisingly well catered fly camping to really allow you to feel you are in the wild and this could result in many different kinds of photographic opportunity which can only be found well away from habitation. Whether in a group or as a sole traveller an African luxury holiday could be just your idea of perfect heaven in which to get snapping.