A Good Guide makes a Luxury Safari Vacation.

No luxury African safari holiday would be complete without the services of amiable, friendly and, most of all knowledgeable, guides. Good safari companies, tour operators and the camps totally recognise and understand this import requirement and no more so than those operators that provide top class safari holidays with their selection of accommodation, location and excellent guides.

During some safaris, such as a gorilla trekking adventure in Rwanda and Uganda or across the game reservations in Tanzania you may be accompanied by the same guide throughout and travelling in your own private vehicle. Obviously the advantages of this type of safari is that you have the opportunity to set the timetable together with your guide with game drives and activities linked by your network of pre-planned accommodation points within the trip.

Having the same driver/guide throughout also enables you to form a relationship with them. This of course works both ways – with you, the guest, building complete confidence in your guide and they get to know you and what you enjoy doing so that you get the very best out of every day.

All guides have good, all round knowledge of their country, its attributes, wildlife and history and of course if they have a particular passion which might match your own – bird watching for example - then with some prior consultation and a bit of luck for their availability they could be assigned to you. The result would be an even more exceptional bird watching safari!

Many luxury safari camps can also provide a private vehicle and guide which can be booked on an exclusive basis whilst at camp dependant on capacity. To secure those services and avoid disappointment it would definitely be recommended to pre-book before your arrival. The advantage of a private vehicle and Guide on game drives out from camp is that the day/evening drive is all your own. You have the opportunity to set how long you stay in a particular spot, say watching a pride of lions or family group of wild dogs, so that you do not miss something happening first hand and of course to get that perfect photographic record of the event.

Assignment of a Guide who is good with children is a real bonus on a family safari. Many luxury safari camps offer larger family tents to encourage parents to bring their offspring to see wildlife first hand and to experience other cultural settings and thereby giving those children experiences they will remember all their lives. There can be minimum age restrictions in force but there are many suitable properties that can fully embrace family safaris.

Well maintained, radio linked, 4 x 4 vehicles together with a guide in whom they have full confidence provides real reassurance to parents and they will be far more at ease within a private vehicle for the game drives which would provide the flexibility and privacy that would be much more suitable for them. The right guide, many of whom of course have children themselves, will make it all the more fun and interesting for children to get the most from their wildlife safari.