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We believe in responsible sustainable tourism so it's not only you who benefits from your safari..

We strongly believe in sustainable tourism, the protection of local cultures and the environment which is why Opulent Africa carefully examines the credentials of our safari partners in Africa. We recognise that for many remote communities in Africa, tourism is vital and the success of these communities depends upon on a long-term partnership. This is why we have developed strong relationships with partners who have sound conservation policies firmly in place.

Many of the wilderness areas which we support in Africa are extremely fragile and it takes a careful balance of tourism and conservation to protect the flora, fauna and beautiful landscapes which we sometimes take for granted. We are a select few who may have the humbling opportunity to spend sixty minutes of our lives in the company of the few remaining mountain gorillas left on our planet.

It is also inherently important that we maintain a healthy respect for the local traditions and religions in the countries we visit whist embracing the overall experience. At the forefront of business is education, for the communities, our clients and our continued success. During your visits to Africa, we encourage you to visit a local school or a clinic and recognise the direct benefits of low-impact tourism.

The oceans are no exception to our responsible tourism targets and we are acutely aware of the potential threats to our delicate coral reef structures. We support a number of ethical diving facilities in the Indian Ocean who provide an interesting and enjoyable education to our clients through their active conservation efforts.

Our commitment to you is that we will carefully plan your safari to match your dreams whilst practising responsible tourism in the aim of protecting the environment and directly benefiting the local communities you are visiting.

After our clients understand how their safari 'gives back' to Africa the next question usually is about ensuring their own welfare through travel insurance. We do not have any affiliation with insurance companies but would suggest researching a few on websites such as Travel Quest

If you would like some information on how you can become more actively involved with supporting a local project or charity, please email:

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