An African luxury holiday has the ability to be whatever you want it to be. Each tailor made safari can be planned and created to be the perfect fit for you! To match the individual requirements of the traveller to the seasonal activities, weather and wide variety of accommodation and level of comfort across the Africa safari holiday offering takes time and specialist knowledge. Cost is obviously an important factor and it is essential that all the boxes are ticked to ensure satisfaction and money well spent.

A good Africa combination is that of a luxury safari and the city. For luxury holidays Africa can offer an itinerary containing a mix of Africa safari lodges or camps followed by a few days in a luxury Cape Town hotel to enjoy the sights and history of a city would be ideal. For those fortunate to have a generous amount of vacation time one might suggest an additional safari location and perhaps a beach destination to chill out before your return international flight.

An ideal option for September would be to arrive in Johannesburg and have an overnight stay in an airport hotel to recharge and refresh before the very next morning flying out to Zambia. After a few days in one of the luxury safari hotels such as the Royal Livingstone beside the roaring splendour of Victoria Falls, you could be taken by light aircraft flight across the border into Botswana. There is a great choice of excellent luxury camps in Botswana that can be skilfully combined to provide you with a wonderful Botswana Safari experience of the Okavango Delta in flood.

Moving on - scheduled flights would fly you from Maun in Botswana to Cape Town (via Johannesburg) where you will be truly spoilt for choice when trying to select accommodation. For those who want to stay in the city itself, perhaps on the attractive and well served Victoria and Albert waterfront, this would be a marvellous base from which to see the sights of the city – Robben Island and Table Mountain for example. Those with more time could enjoy a private transfer out along the coast to Hermanus where luxury hotels occupy prime locations on the cliff tops with spectacular views out to sea and equally spectacular service and facilities. Or perhaps hire a car and drive to the Winelands to stay in exquisite properties that enjoy world famous reputations for their cuisine and their wine cellars.

Of course luxury safari holidays in the Kruger National Park, a Big Five destination, has the advantage of being malaria free which can be an important consideration when travelling with children. Short flights from Johannesburg/ Cape Town can be a more attractive proposition and the many luxury lodges have facilities to cater for all tastes, budget and ages – including those that specifically cater for children with a range of activities. Travelling with a family a stay in the city could be better served in an apartment of which there are several located in the Waterfront area. Africa; safari, city and beach, it has it all to choose from.

A holiday wardrobe of casual safari and smart city can be a successful and stylish combination.