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Luxury Safari Holidays; Africa at its best

What better way to entertain your family during the summer holidays than taking them on a fabulous family safari in Africa. With game viewing, family friendly safari lodges and camps, well trained family safari guides who will entertain your children and impart fascinating knowledge of the animals and plant life that surrounds them the reasons are endless as to why Africa makes the best holiday choice for an active adventurous family safari.

Once you’ve made the decision to head to Africa, your next question might be where to go exactly. South Africa and East Africa are great choices for a family safari holiday. Holidays to Africa are the stuff that dreams are made of and whether you envisage Cape Town for a few nights and a spin in the Kruger in search of the big five, or a Masai Mara adventure with red cloaked men with spears all are possible and your trip will start to take shape once you speak with us to paint a picture of your ideas.

Another common question after having made the decision that for your summer holiday Africa is the place to be, is what about preparation. Not only do you have to think about what to pack, airline weight restrictions, and when to actually go but there are also the often dreaded injections to bear in mind. It is worth a visit to your local doctor to ascertain which inoculations you might need as this can change yearly and country to country. When heading to Africa for a safari you’ll also need to plan for anti malarials, we are often ask about whether this is necessary and our answer is always yes if you are headed to a malarial region and you medically are recommended to take one. Many medications have come on in leaps and bounds in recent years and this includes Anti Malarials, gone are the days when there were high chances of hallucinations and sickness as there are a few preparations that these side effects are now a rarity.

A good pair of walking boots is always a good option when packing for your luxury safari and each of your family members should have at least a pair of sturdy walking shoes as when walking around camp or out in the bush there are insects that bite to consider and at least thicket with sharp spikes to consider. Whilst you are looking after your feet on safari you also remember that Africa is hot and the sun’s rays are stronger than in Europe so a broad-rimmed hat is a good idea and at least factor 15 for even the hardiest of skins. With these simple measures in place you will be well on your way to a successful and enjoyable luxury safari in Africa.

African holidays conjure up visions of dust, heat and discomfort yet nothing could be further from the truth when you speak with a luxury safari operator such as Opulent Africa. Opulent Africa select some of the finest safari lodges making your safari vacation very comfortable indeed.

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