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African Holidays - What will I need?

When booking a luxury safari holiday a good specialist tour operator will be on hand to guide the traveller every step of the way by doing all the complex preparation and logistical work. It is hoped that the traveller on initial contact will already have done their “homework” on their intended wish list as to possible locations in Africa they would like to visit, desired activities and when they want to go.

How they reach that list can be varied – life long dream, returning to Africa after a childhood holiday and a desire to take their own children back there on a family safari holiday, a short safari on the back of a work visit or even as a result of the National Geographic Channel!

Whatever the reason it is a solid starting point and it is where the luxury safari vacation operator steps up to the plate. Dependant on a multitude of factors the safari vacation can take perhaps anything from several days to many weeks from initial contact to final creation. And all this may take place a year in advance of the departure/arrival date or even quite “last minute”.

The second step in the process is the introduction of a dedicated Safari Co-ordinator who now becomes the contact for every aspect of the trip. The information flow then commences from client to Co-ordinator and back again in the form of confirmed logistics, passports and visa information, health and packing details and then final itinerary with any applicable flight tickets.

Obviously, holding a valid passport and having information concerning the requirement of an entry visa or visas (or how to get one) is crucial. As requirements and regulations concerning health are subject to change it is essential the traveller themselves consult their own Doctor/Travel Clinic for advice in respect of vaccinations and malaria protection. The provision of these essentials together with information about any applicable departure taxes, baggage allowances (particularly critical when light aircraft transfers are involved), acceptance of credit cards, tipping guidance, inclusions at the properties to be visited and even a packing list can all make the traveller feel like they are properly prepared for their trip.

Travelling on a safari vacation with young children, with a mobility/health difficulty or perhaps with someone having dietary issues or allergies can cause some trepidation. Again, with the exchange of information from client to Co-ordinator and then on to all airline, African safari lodge partners and ground agents reassurance can be obtained for the traveller that all has been noted and the appropriate arrangements put in place as necessary. On a lighter note – birthdays and special occasions can also be noted and for celebration in a unique (and perhaps surprise) way!

Access to a dedicated Co-ordinator is key in the relationship between tour operator and client and in building this partnership they can be reassured the logistics of their luxury safari are known in absolute detail and that they can, at any time, contact the Co-ordinator with any enquiry, big or small. This is the ideal standard of customer service which begins with the first step, at the point of the initial luxury safari enquiry through to the final stages of actually being on your luxury safari holiday and returning home crammed full of some wonderful memories.

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