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Where will your safari vacation take you?

It sometimes feels as though we are bombarded with choice when it comes to holidays at home and abroad. With a seemingly endless selection of vacations, all with pros and cons (and many with clever marketing strategies), it can be difficult to decide which is most suitable for our individual needs. In order to make the right selection it is important to decide what you would value the most in your trip – would it be relaxation, luxury, scenery, culture, activity or education?

This can be a difficult call, and unsurprisingly, most people want to fit as many positive experiences into their holidays as possible. Though it may sound unlikely, a safari vacation in Africa may tick all the right boxes.

Many of us have had a dream to go on safari from a young age and even as an adult the idea still has the same enduring appeal. Luckily, there are safari vacations available which can be tailored to suit almost any needs. Whether for a family holiday, for a honeymoon, or for a group adventure with friends, there will be an African safari to match.

Visiting Africa is often thought of as a once in a lifetime occurrence, but the truth is that there is such a variety of experiences to be had on this magnificent continent that, those who are lucky enough, can journey there time after time for new adventures. Below are just some of the places to consider when arranging a safari vacation in Africa...

The Republic of South Africa is arguably one of the most widely know countries on the continent and the city Cape Town attracts tourists from all over the world, as do the famous vineyards. With many miles of coast line, mountains, open savannah, arid regions and mangrove swamps, there are almost endless possibilities for those with a love of nature. There are also plenty of opportunities for those on safari vacations to spot all kinds of wild animals, including the Big Five (elephants, lions, buffalo, leopards and black rhinos), as well as numerous other species of animals, birds and plants.

Just north of South Africa lies Botswana, a landlocked country with the Kalahari Desert and swampland to the west and bush, grassland and deltas to the east. All in all, Botswana is a perfect place to spot all kinds of wildlife (including the Big Five) and explore different ecosystems.

Those looking for a safari vacation with a bit of a difference may like to think about visiting Namibia, where flights in light aircraft are a great way to view the vast expanses of sand dunes and gravel plains. With fascinating plants and animals, striking landscapes and intriguing culture and history, Namibia is well worth a visit.

For something different again, the comparatively small country of Rwanda has much to offer. Much of Rwanda is dominated by rolling countryside, where tea, coffee and bananas are farmed. Some forested areas are home to endangered mountain gorillas, which scientists believe to be one of human kind’s closest relatives.

This short list demonstrates just a few of the many options for safaris in Africa, so before booking, look at all the possibilities and decide which best suits your taste for adventure. Always make sure that the safari vacation company chosen takes care of your needs, but is also in tune with the needs of local environments, wildlife and cultures.

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