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Safaris for the boys

For all boys aged from five to 85 the idea of an African Safari would be the pinnacle of male activity holidays. Man and nature, camping in the wilderness with a whiff of danger – together with other associated whiffs!

The reality of a bunch of guys enjoying this type of vacation depends of course on their individual budgets, time available and personal levels of comfort required. It is possible to be comfortably tucked up in an en-suite tented room, with great attention, food and drink whilst enjoying the illusion of “roughing” it although this type of luxury safari holiday does not suit everyone. As an alternative there is an option to “fly camp” whereby you strike out with your guides each morning arriving by dusk at your next camp location. Even this mode does not have to be as much of a hardship as it sounds as these camps are well planned, excellently staffed and professionally catered.

A short safari combined with a night or two in a city location is an exciting option that would definitely tick most of the boxes for a boys’ long weekend break. Those who have more vacation time at their disposal could extend the safari element to perhaps two different African countries each with its own unique habitat and wildlife experiences. With professional and amenable guides making up the extended group as much activity and safari adventure is wrung out of the time available.

Include light aircraft transfers into the plan and the excitement factor can be cranked up a notch as this mode of transport delivers a great opportunity to travel in comparatively small craft that hop in, out and across the game reserves. Hot air balloon flights are available from certain sites in Kenya, Tanzania and Namibia. There can be nothing more exciting than gliding serenely across the awakening landscape in the early African morning, landing into the arms of the waiting breakfast crew to enjoy an al fresco bush breakfast.

The list of suggestions for any group of like minded pals can be extensive – bird watching trips, gorilla trekking safaris, the great wildebeest migration of East Africa, historical Battlefield tours of South Africa or even a wine tasting excursion in the lush vineyards of the Cape.

Single travellers need not be put off from having their own African safari adventure simply because there is no family or group to travel with. Safari holidays with fixed group itineraries, tailor made trips or a mixture of the two are in abundance. There are many top class safari companies in operation that provide first rate luxurious and comfortable accommodation, superb cuisine and great customer service with game viewing in a shared vehicle or the option to hire a private vehicle and guide. Without doubt security and safety is high on the agenda for the single traveller – particularly for female travellers. In this respect the right choice of provider is essential to deliver spectacular wildlife experiences with the appropriate levels of safety and security. Once these are in place you are free to indulge in all the good stuff an African safari vacation has to offer.

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