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Safaris for the girls.

In Swahili the word “safari” means journey and there can be no more of a life changing experience – a journey if you like - than spending time on an African safari vacation. Stretch that thought further and think of travelling without your normal cushion of family or life partner and this can feel like stepping WAY out of your normal comfort zone. But this is where the excitement begins – finding your own way and discovering abilities to succeed and enjoy a range of activities and experiences that are yours alone.

Travelling within the bounds of a luxury safari vacation can be the way to enable you to undertake a trip that might have always been just a dream – a life long goal perhaps to watch gorillas in the lush green forests of Rwanda or Uganda, to see (and hear) the wide flood of wildebeest as they sweep northwards from Tanzania into Kenya or even just to sit and enjoy a cool glass of chilled wine in South Africa's cosmopolitan Cape Town not far from the vineyard in which the grapes were grown.

With the concept of “family” ever changing, luxury travel can be a key provider for single travellers, mothers and daughters, fathers and sons and many other variations on the group theme. Safari safety and security will be paramount and undoubtedly adventure and excitement can also be enjoyed with a safety net. Sharing a journey with your child can strengthen a bond and create everlasting memories even if you each take very different and personal experiences from it.

A luxury African safari, with airport meet and greets, private road transfers and small, intimate camps with a high ratio of staff to guests, will be just the welcoming details for those that have decided to take the plunge and book a trip created just for them rather than compromise and wait until others are ready to join in.

The right choice of Safari Tour Operator, sympathetic and empathetic, to female travellers in particular, is an ideal start when planning an Africa safari vacation. The organiser has to keep in mind this once in a lifetime experience will stand or fall due to the right planning and preparation. Clear, concise and timely information together with a well planned itinerary can help manage expectations, budget and above all brings total reassurance and sense of security to the traveller. The journey undertaken could be a brand new path or one that has been taken before perhaps in a different time and circumstances or a revisit to reinforce the experience or to lay ghosts to rest being just a few reasons.

A feeling of being cherished and cared for – with fears allayed, creature comforts of the highest detail and standard together with personal service encourages confidence and energy in everyone even if they are a long way from home. At the end of your trip the journey has not ended you’ll feel as if you have reached the point where a new one is waiting to start.

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