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Learning from others in Africa.

Why children benefit from a family safari.

Children in the West have access to all manner of comforts, electronic gadgets and privileges that it would be easy to forget that in so many areas of the World the most basic rights and amenities are not present – regular meals, clean water, shelter, a childhood safe within a family. For children to step out of their comfort zone on a family safari would be an eye opening experience for them to see the “other” side.

Environmental issues are not only big news everywhere but nowadays are incorporated into everyday school life as the future of the planet is in the hands of the next and subsequent generations. The endangerment of wildlife and very real possibility of the total extinction of some species is reason enough to want to see them in them in their natural habitat on what might be, for some, borrowed time.

Taking your own precious children into a wild environment of course requires careful planning together with choosing the very best (and safest) locations and camps. Undoubtedly a luxury safari holiday will provide the most suitable accommodation, good food and safety standards with camp staff and guides trained to the highest level. Parents, naturally, will need to be fully reassured on all safety aspects for them to also enjoy the safari vacation!

Children are naturally inquisitive and like sponges will soak up the information, sights and sounds that a guide, completely tuned into them, will provide. Of course there will be guides better at this than others and some locations more child-friendly which is where planning and selection comes in. The guidance of a good African holiday specialist will be invaluable.

A good specialist will have the knowledge and experience to guide potential clients through the maze of camps, lodges and game reserves to select the destinations that would most suit the requirements of the best family safari holiday. Regular inspection visits ensure the continuity of service for potentially re-classification if no longer an excellent prospect for families with children. Operators that offer tailor-made safari vacations take into account every aspect of a family’s wish list to bring about the best outcome.

Luxury safari camps provide family tents, specific children’s activities and safe game viewing vehicles. Visits into local villages and community projects will enable children to see the benefits first hand brought about by continued and sustainable tourism. For many the experience will stay with them forever – bringing them back for African holidays as an adult or even becoming involved with charities and foundations to continue the good work they witnessed as children.

Imagine your first actual sighting of a lion or an elephant! Eating your dinner by candlelight under starry skies or sitting with Mum and Dad beside a cosy camp fire listening to the growls and unfamiliar sounds and smelling Africa all around you are not easily forgotten.

A luxury safari can deliver on many levels – enduring family memories in the sights and sounds you can only get in the wild, confidence that you will all benefit from the experience and being relaxed in the knowledge that you will be taken care of.

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