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Mature Safaris

Any advertising agency working for an industry retailing to the public knows the huge value of the “grey pound”. This lucrative market has become a rich vein of income identified and tapped into by many specialist providers and none more so than those in the travel and leisure sectors.

With more people not only living to a far riper old age but actually enjoying themselves while they do it gives rise to a whole sector of specialised tourism. Redundancy and early retirement can both be responsible for either prompting an interest in travel or reigniting the passion of previous adventures and can even inspire “gap years” – once the possession of the post University degree student. Constant coverage in the media of charitable projects undertaken by both celebrities and ordinary folk can also be an inspiration. Television’s many travel and wildlife documentaries are a rich source of “food for thought” when watched from a shivering, damp, February sitting room and have been successful in promoting holidays to Africa.

Even those that had previously enjoyed travelling and holidays with the family now have both the maturity (and let’s be honest the funds) to travel much further afield and enjoy the destinations and level of comfort than would have been far out of the reach of their younger self. The increase in spending power of this sector of the public is well recognised and encouraged.

A luxury African safari holiday could be described as a comfortable, safe adventure which for many is a very exciting prospect, although not all holidays to Africa have to involve a safari. Holidays to South Africa are very popular - both self driven or by private transfer. The 2010 Soccer World Cup showcased very well the merits of visiting a country with such rich history, range of activities, stunning scenery and excellent accommodation.

African safari itineraries can be tailor made to suit all tastes, ages, abilities and interests. It is crucial to design the right pace of the itinerary and this is where private vehicles, personal service and smaller intimate properties would be ideally suited to those guests whose “rushing” days are no longer part of their lives. Good food and accommodation in luxury safari tented rooms with a comfy bed and en-suite facilities are a ‘given’ on this type of luxury holiday, together with the availability of hot water when required and a cool refreshing drink during the heat of the day or whilst watching the amber sun setting on the African horizon.

The feeling of being safe and cherished can begin right from the moment of touchdown in Africa with a personalised meet and greet service that can deliver you into the awaiting care of a reputable safari company and their professional, knowledgeable guides. Thereby providing the infrastructure and reassurance required to relax and enjoy your trip. With many light aircraft companies operating a network of transfers across the game reserves, linking in a timely way with international flights, the prospect of lengthy and bumpy road journeys are a thing of the past – unless of course that is just the type of holiday adventure required!

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