The Great Migration

The Great Wildebeest Migration

Wildebeest Migration

We are often asked about the Great Migration…. where, when and how it is best viewed. The answer is not quite so straightforward as the movement of the large herds is governed by several different factors, not least of all the changing weather patterns. The truth is that the migration can be viewed at any time of year as it moves around the greater Serengeti / Masai Mara eco-system.

It is a common misconception that viewing the “migration” focusses solely on a chance of seeing a river crossing and although this can be incredibly dramatic, the migration is so much more. It encompasses large numbers of other animals such as zebra, gazelle and countless predators which shadow the movement of the animals, enhancing the whole spectacle! The calving season, which takes places early in the year, brings another wonderful spectacle and before long, the herds are on the move again towards the western Serengeti as they begin crossing Grumeti River.

In October, the migratory herds will have started to move back down the eastern side of the Serengeti in anticipation of the “short rains” which typically fall during November. The mere smell of rain drives the herds south towards the Ngorongoro Conservation Area in search of fresh grazing and in preparation for the calving season, which usually takes place from February onwards.

By December, the herds have moved further south and will be seen in around the southern short grass plains of the Serengeti near to the Ndutu area and this is a great time of year to visit. Camps like Lemala Ndutu are perfectly positioned for viewing the migration in December. Lemala Ndutu combines really well with their sister camp, Lemala Ngorongoro, which sits just inside the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater, allowing priority access to the abundance of wildlife on the Crater Floor. The combination of these two areas is very popular throughout the year as the game viewing is consistent, regardless of the location of the great migration.

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