Migration Update – November

Migration photo – by Richard Garrison

In the current month of November, most of the herds have moved back into the Serengeti and can be found in the Lobo, Mbuze Mawe and Seronera Valley areas, from here they will travel through the Central Serengeti to arrive at the Southern Serengeti Plains.

Some of the herds are residing in the Western Serengeti, and can be spotted in Nyasirori plains as they move towards the Southern Serengeti. A good place to stay in the Western Serengeti is Chada Katavi, here you can be in the heart of Africa and enjoy the Migration from your camp.

In December the herds will start to migrate towards the Southern Serengeti, which is a perfect time to visit. Camps like Lemala Ndutu are perfectly positioned for viewing the migration in December. It’s a fantastic way to spend your holidays.

Migration crossing – by Richard Garrison

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